Anatolian Turkish Rugs

 The Craft of Weaving Rugs
   Carper Care

There are many different types of motifs and emblems which can be seen on the rugs. These are  classified into two groups:

1. Geometrical or Stylized Motifs
2. Naturalistic and Floral Designs

The motifs on the rugs represent Anatolia and Central Asia and their civilizations. These compositions, motifs, and designs are not created at random by an ignorant peasant. The motifs on the rugs represent the origins and culture of a society; therefore, a rug can be considered a cultural item. Each of the designs is meaningful, not an accidental drawing. To understand the meaning of every motif would be a very long and tiring process, as there are so many of them which have accumulated throughout the centuries. The motifs on the rugs represent Anatolian, Central Asian and their civilizations. Some of the most common motifs on rugs are the TREE OF LIFE, symbolizing long life and re-birth; the HORNS OF ANIMALS, which symbolize power, HANDS ON HIPS, symbolizing female fertility and the mother of God; and the HANGING CANDLE, symbolizing the holy (eternal) light.