Anatolian Turkish Rugs

 The Craft of Weaving Rugs
   Carper Care

There are two types of dyes which are used to dye wool for weaving: vegetable (natural) dyes and chemical dyes. Rugs which are made using natural dyes are the most preferred. The natural dyes are obtained from three sources: plants; animals; and minerals.

Plant sources are used most widely in rug production. Some of the examples of colors obtained
from plants and animal sources are: red (RUBIA TINTORIA); yellow (GENISTA TINTORIA); navy blue (ISOTIS TINCTORIA and INDIGO FERETINTORIA); gray and black (OVER LUS); brown (JUNGLAND REGIA) ; and red (DACHYLOPIUS COCUS) Dyeing threads by using sources from nature is an art which has been practiced since ancient times. Anatolia has a large variety of plant available for dyeing purposes and this where the craft of dyeing has been improved through centuries of experience. Plants gathered from natural sources are still widely
used today.