Avanos Halı

 Denizli Halı

Where History embraces Nature

Imagine a country where a large number of contradictions appear on every mile. As you pass by hundreds of fairy chimney towers made from rocks and with desert like sand on the ground, all of a sudden you come across thousands of vineyards for the delicious wines of the area. In a few miles further, you come across the Red River, the longest in area winding around the fairy chimneys but at this time with lots of greenery around. This is why some of the most interesting and colorful carpets come out from this region. “Avanos”, “Kayseri”, “Yahyali” and “Taşpinar” are some of the well known carpets of the area.

AVANOS HALI in Cappadocia is at the service for their visitors with its 9500 m2 of workshop and showroom capabilities.

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